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CMHA HKPR is a proud partner in 9-8-8 Suicide Crisis Helpline. 9-8-8 is a new national helpline for anyone across Canada who is thinking about suicide, or who is worried about someone they know. Call or text 9-8-8 toll-free, anytime for support in English and French. 9-8-8 responders are here to listen and provide support without judgement.

Assertive Outreach Suicide Prevention ( A.O.S.P.)

The Assertive Outreach for Suicide Prevention program (A.O.S.P.) is attached to Peterborough Regional Health Centre (P.R.H.C.) and Ross Memorial Hospital (R.M.H.) Hospitals. The program provides assertive follow up to individuals who have made a serious suicide attempt. Referral is only via the hospital.

At Work/Au Travail Employment Program

The At Work/Au Travail Employment Program follows the Individual Placement and Support model which is an evidence-based best practice approach. It is designed to provide specialized vocational assistance to those seeking opportunities to enter or reintegrate into the workforce.

Brief Mental Health Services

This program provides brief mental health support to individuals who are experiencing crisis due to mental health concerns or serious mental illness. The program is open to individuals aged 16 or over who live in Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland and Haliburton counties. 

Services provided include brief interventions to stabilize crisis and reduce mental health symptoms and connection to appropriate longer term supports in the community. Individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis should contact 9-8-8 for support.

Community Engagement and Education

C.M.H.A. H.K.P.R. offers presentations, workshops and training on Mental Health First Aid, ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), safeTALK (a 3- hour course to increase suicide awareness), Psychological First Aid, Open Your Mind (high school presentation on Lynx – Early Psychosis Intervention), Living Life to the Full, and Mental Health Works. Corporate education and training are also available to support workplace mental health.

Community Homes for Opportunity (CHO)

Community Homes for Opportunity (CHO) is a supportive housing program for people with serious mental illness located in the City of Kawartha Lakes (Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, and Kirkfield) and is open to all individuals. The program is designed to assist tenants by providing appropriate housing and support services to achieve and maintain stability in a home that is safe and affordable. The program takes a recovery-based approach and provides access to support services both in the CHO home and in the community, which will aim to improve and/or stabilize peoples’ physical and mental health, foster independence, and enhance participation and integration into the community. The program offers opportunities for tenants to enhance the quality of their daily living, personal growth and development and improve life skills through participation in a variety of activities and programs.

Dual Diagnosis Case Management

Supports adults living with a dual diagnosis (developmental disability and mental health issues) through a Supported Independent Living (S.I.L.) program. Case Managers provide client-centred support services that promote stabilization and independent living as mandated by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. Intake is completed through Developmental Services Ontario.

Dual Diagnosis Collaborative Consultation Program (D.D.C.C.P.)

D.D.C.C.P. consists of an on site Psychiatrist in addition to a multi-disciplinary team. Referral to D.D.C.C.P. is via a health care provider.

Finding Home

Finding Home is a program by CMHA HKPR, CCRC’s Housing Resource Centre and One City Peterborough and supports individuals involved in Housing Unit Takeovers (HUTs). Housing Unit Takeovers occur when tenants’ accommodations are at risk because unsheltered folks have overstayed their welcome. The program provides education, prevention, and consultation for tenants and service providers and assists individuals in finding and maintaining housing.


C.M.H.A. H.K.P.R. offers a variety of mental health and support groups. Please refer to our ‘groups’ page for detailed information on the different groups we offer.

H.O.P.E. Learning Centre

The H.O.P.E. Learning Centre provides educational courses about mental health and well-being that promote recovery, hope, empowerment, possibility, and connection.

We offer many free courses that are informative and interactive. We know that the best learning happens when lived-experience is shared and valued. Our courses are collaboratively designed, developed, and delivered with individuals who have lived experience.

Check out our schedule of courses by visiting our web page at the link above. We have options for both in-person and virtual programming.

Hospital to Home (H.2.H.)

The Hospital to Home program (H.2.H.) is attached to P.R.H.C. and R.M.H. hospitals. The program provides short-term follow up to individuals who visit the emergency department, two or more times, in 30 days , for mental health reasons . Referral is only via the hospital.

Journeying Together Family Support

A family education support worker provides education and support to caregivers and family members of individuals with mental health concerns. Support is provided in both one-to-one and through group support formats.

Justice Services

The Court Support Program assists individuals experiencing mental health or addiction concerns who become involved with the criminal justice system. Working in collaboration with clients, court officials and other community agencies, justice staff assist to develop diversion and community support plans for individuals to help address their mental health or addiction concerns and prevent further involvement with the justice system. Individuals can contact the Justice Services Team in person while at court or contact the C.M.H.A. H.K.P.R. office. Referrals can also be made by crown attorneys, defense counsel, duty counsel and families.

The Release from Custody (R.F.C.) program partners with community agencies to plan and provide short-term case management services immediately following release from jail, to prevent further involvement with the criminal justice system. This program includes the provision of an individualized assessment and support plan, coordination of services, and connection with local long-term mental health and addiction supports. Client referrals are made by the correctional facility staff, probation staff or the individual.

Lynx- Early Psychosis Intervention

C.M.H.A. H.K.P.R. is one of six partner agencies in a four-county rapid response treatment and education service for young people (ages 14-35), in the early stages of a psychotic illness, and their families. Early identification, assessment and treatment leads to significantly improved outcomes.

Mental Health Employment Support Consultant Program

Mental Health Employment Support Consultants work collaboratively with employment agencies within the Muskoka-Kawartha region through the delivery of mental health consultation, group facilitation and informational sessions related to vocational supports and services to help complex clients with mental health concerns find and maintain competitive employment. Consultative supports focus on symptom management, mental health interventions and distress tolerance/coping strategies. Informational sessions may include general information about mental illness, stigma, harm reduction and mental wellness management. Staff also provide assertive outreach to connect clients who require support with effective referrals and facilitated access to community based mental health supports.

Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services provide mental health support to individuals who are experiencing chronic mental health symptoms that are impeding day-to-day functioning. The program is open to individuals aged 16 or over who live in the city of Peterborough, Peterborough county, city of Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland county, and Haliburton county.

Services include up to six months of supportive counseling to enable individuals to develop skills to lessen the impact of psychological distress on daily functioning. Group programming is also available.

Mobile Crisis Intervention Team (M.C.I.T.)

The Mobile Crisis Intervention Team (M.C.I.T.) is based at Peterborough Police Services (P.P.S.) , the Peterborough County Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.), City of Kawartha Lakes O.P.P as well as the Haliburton County O.P.P. A mental health worker accompanies police and responds to calls for individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Ontario Telemedicine Network (O.T.N.)

Telemedicine provides access to physician specialists for individuals who may be unable to attend a medical appointment based on location, need for travel or availability of the specialist. Patients are connected to health care providers using a secured two-way video conferencing system, and supported by O.T.N. nurses and support staff. Referral is by an attending physician or nurse practitioner.

Safe Beds

Safe Beds is a short stay in a safe and supportive program situated in a beautiful residential home. Safe beds is open to individuals (16 years or older) who live within Peterborough, Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, and Northumberland Counties. Safe Beds is a non-medical facility, voluntary, and there is no cost to the individual. Individuals who wish to access Safe Beds will meet with the Crisis Intervention team prior to a stay being arranged. Individuals may self-refer or be referred by other CMHA programs or community partners.

Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing provides individualized mental health support and housing options for those with a serious mental illness, justice involvement and/or a dual diagnosis. CMHA HKPR has housing available in Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes and Northumberland, in collaboration with other community partners. All housing program applicants must qualify for support services prior to making a housing application.


TALK NOW provides more timely access to mental health services to people of all ages in our community while they may be on a waitlist for care. Patients are not limited to one visit and are welcome to book an in-person, or virtual appointment as often as needed. CMHA HKPR is one of six partner agencies providing this clinic.

The Road Ahead Mobile Wellness Clinic

The Road Ahead Mobile Wellness Clinic provides mental health and addictions care to individuals in remote and rural locations across Peterborough, Northumberland and Haliburton Counties, and the City of Kawartha Lakes. Two specially designed clinic vehicles travel to rural communities to serve people facing barriers to existing supports.

Trans Peer Outreach

The Trans Peer Outreach program offers supports and services for transgender and gender diverse people, to assist them to improve the quality of their lives through the provision of community-based, client centered care that supports positive interdependence. Services are delivered by people with lived experience as a transgender or gender-diverse person, and who also may have experience living with a mental health concern.

Trustee Program

The Trustee Program is voluntary and provides flexible financial management for individuals. This program assists people in budgeting, paying bills, maintaining housing, advocating with creditors, decreasing debts and developing savings, while ensuring that the individual’s needs are met.

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