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Health Promotion & Education

The C.M.H.A. H.K.P.R. Health Promotion and Education programs provide education sessions for all members of the communities we serve. We offer education for large businesses, small organizations, schools, sports teams, churches and social groups. Topics include, but are not limited to, stigma, mental health and mental illness, suicide prevention and coping strategies. Sessions can range from half-hour workshops to multi-day certification courses, based on the topic and need.

Our education programs fit into three primary categories:

Public Education

These programs are available to all members of our community aged 14 and up, and can be delivered for little to no cost. These sessions do not result participants receiving a certificate, but provide a valuable learning opportunity.

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Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs offer more in-depth training on a broad range of mental health issues. Content for these courses is provided by outside partners, including Living Works, CMHA National and the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Each course has specific age and attendance requirements.

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Corporate and Workplace Services

Our corporate and workplace services are custom designed sessions for professionals in their workplace. These courses provide skills for leadership to support staff, as well as skill building in staff supporting clients/patients/consumers. Fees apply for these programs.

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Certificate programs are individually priced and corporate services have fees attached. The support of United Way Peterborough, Team55, and generous community donations help to keep any fees affordable.

For information regarding upcoming training opportunities please contact Jack Veitch 705-748-6687 ext.1015 or

For information on refunds for individual or group trainings, please click here.

Note: If you have feedback regarding this program, please see our Feedback page or contact the program manager, Jack Veitch.


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