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Court Diversion Program

This program provides assistance for individuals with mental illness or symptoms of mental illness that are in conflict with the law. A diversion plan is facilitated as a suitable alternative within the criminal justice system. We work collaboratively with community partners including Court Officials, Police, Crown Attorney, Legal Counsel, Mental Health Agencies, Social Services and other community agencies to provide linkages for treatment and support where required, in order to minimize the possibility of further involvement in court. We will also ensure appropriate mental health supports and follow-up as needed. You may qualify if you have been diagnosed or suspect you have a mental health concern, are 16 years of age or older, have been charged with an offense, agree to voluntarily participate in our program and have approval from the Crown Attorney.

Court Support Program

This program allows staff to provide advocacy, support and case management to clients not accepted for diversion in the criminal justice system, by working collaboratively with them and community partners.

Intensive Case Management

Intensive case management provides support services to individuals with mental illness for up to 1 year who are in conflict with the law. The program ensures appropriate linkages with other mental health services as well as criminal justice, corrections and social services in order to improve service coordination and support. We provide assistance with accessing and maintenance of psychiatric services, systemic advocacy and coordination, and provide support to individuals to manage crises.

Release From Custody

The program objective is to partner with community agencies in planning and providing short term case management services immediately following discharge from jail to prevent re-hospitalization and repeat offending. It includes a provision of individualized assessment and support plan, systematic advocacy and coordination of services, and connection with local long-term mental health supports.

Note: If you have feedback regarding this program, please see our Feedback page or contact the program manager, Kim Kennelly.

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