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Journeying Together

A Family’s Journey

In any given year, an untold number of families, friends and caregivers are impacted as 1 in 5 Canadians personally experience mental health concerns.

Families are often the first to notice when their loved one is becoming unwell. They can help by being emotionally supportive, encouraging access to support and assisting with practical needs such as going to appointments.

The road to recovery can have many bumps and hurdles and sometimes, families, friends and caregivers may be left feeling alone and exhausted with many unanswered questions.

What is Journeying Together?

The Journeying Together program educates and supports families, friends, and caregivers along the journey to support their loved ones.

Support is flexible and geared towards unique needs. It can be offered in the following formats:

Support Group for Family and Friends

The Family Education Support Worker fosters a safe space with open, non-judgmental conversation amongst caregivers to allow sharing, and listening, as well as opportunities for mutual support and knowledge exchange. Participants include people with varied experiences and roles in relation to the individual of concern.  For example; parents, partners or adult children supporting those with varied mental health concerns.

Availability of this support group may vary by area.

Educational Group

The Family Education Support Worker facilitates an educational group to assist family, friends and caregivers in the development of capacity and skills related to living with a loved one who has mental health concerns. Topics are based on the common needs that families have when they have a relative with a mental health concern.

Topics include:

One-to-One Skills and Capacity Building

Depending on the group cycle, there is some opportunity for the Family Education Support Worker to provide individual support for family and friends for a limited number of sessions.
These sessions are goal oriented, and solution focused, based on immediate needs.  This support does not include working with the loved one with mental health concerns.

Where can I access this program?

Journeying Together is available in the City and County of Peterborough, City of Kawartha Lakes and the counties of Haliburton and Northumberland.

Who can access this program?

This program is designed for people over the age of 16, who are family and friends of an individual who is also over the age of 16.  If your loved one is under the age of 16, we encourage you to reach out to your local Children’s Mental Health agency.

Self-referrals are accepted and your loved one does not require a diagnosis for you to access this program.

To submit an online referral form, please see below to select the area in which you would like to receive services.

Please note, that with limited resources for this program, it may take several weeks for a response. If you are experiencing emotional distress, having thoughts of suicide or are worried about someone you know, call 9-8-8.

Get involved today

To become involved with Journeying Together, please select the area in which you would be accessing services. You will be redirected to an online form to complete, which will be sent directly to the Journeying Together team.

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Note: If you have feedback regarding this program, please see our Feedback page or contact the program manager, David Haw.

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