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Peterborough Groups

Peterborough Health Team Groups:

Please click here for a full list of groups run by the Peterborough Health Team.

Lynx Early Psychosis Intervention Groups:

There are a variety of social recreation groups available through our Lynx Early Psychosis Intervention program. Individuals must be a client of the Lynx Early Psychosis Intervention program to participate in these groups. For more information please call 705-876-5071.

Family Support Groups:

Journeying Together

Criteria: For caregivers of individuals living with mental health concerns

Frequency: Once a month

Time: Varies

Location: 415 Water Street, Peterborough

Contact: Andrea Delaney, 705-772-3987

Trans Peer Outreach Groups:

Core Support Group

This group is for people exploring gender identity and expression. Facilitators provide up-to-date information about a variety of topics such as; exploring your sense of self, finding trans-friendly health care, coming out to family, friends, and co-workers, physical health and emotional well-being, accessing community and celebrating diversity, practical information to assist with transitioning and the experience of transitioning. The group also fosters community support and connection. For more information, please email


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