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Steps to Recovery

CMHA HKPR’s Lived Expertise Advisory Panel (L.E.A.P.) members developed the Steps to Recovery project to provide inspiration to folks who are struggling with their mental health, encourage them to access help and to prepare them for life after formal supports by creating a space for shared unique stories via different mediums, including spoken word, writing, videos or artwork which are showcased on our website.

L.E.A.P. members understand that mental health recovery isn’t an end point, rather it is a journey or way of life. At the core of the recovery process is a person’s hopefulness, courage, openness, and desire for change. The process is about people taking steps both up and down moving towards finding new meaning, wellness, and improved quality of life. We hope that these shared experiences provide people with a sense of hope and connection during isolating and challenging times. Please know that you have value, are not alone and are deserving of compassion, care and support.

Sheri’s Story

**Trigger Warning: This content contains reference to sexual abuse and trauma.**

Read Sheri’s full story, in her own words, by clicking here.

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